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Studying in Brussels

2 Apr

https://i1.wp.com/www.op-reis.com/albums/brussel/fotos/brussel-stgoriksplein-placestgery-roi%20des%20belges%203.jpgLiving in Brussels
“Europe and the world are good to Brussels, and to you. Brussels really is the capital of the world. It is the place where North and South, East and West meet. it is the city where 134 Ianguages are spoken and at least as many different cuisines can be tasted – not to mention more than 2000 different beers you can find here!

You’d be surprised how easy it is for a student to live in Brussels. Even though the two main languages are Dutch and French, most Brusseleirs speak English well, and some of them even speak a little Italian, German or Dansk.  You’ll have no trouble fitting in here: everyone in Brussels is from somewhere else – Brussels means freedom, diversity and an open, international city.

Brussels is not only the capital of Europe – you know that – it is also the crossroads of Europe: with the Thalys, you’re in Paris in 52 minutes and in Amsterdam in 1h52, and with the Eurostar you’re in London in a little over two hours. That’s less than it takes you to do your laundry! And for the true globetrotters amongst you: we have two airports, lots of cheap flights and 250 destinations.

You probably won’t need all of that when you study in Brussels. There’s just too much you’ll want to do, see, eat, drink in the city. You’ll want to chill in the sun in the Dudenpark, you’ll want to combine an expo with a concert, a lunch and a visit to bookshop of Bozar. You’ll want to go the free parties (every day) at Bonnefooi after having the best fries in the world at place Jourdan. You’ll want to ride your bike down the Boulevard du Botanique towards the sunset. You’ll want to…

You’ll want to work jump at all the fantastic internship (and job!) opportunities Brussels offers international students at NATO, at the EU or at one of the many mutinational headquarters in the city.

You’ll want to find your way around the city. Just drop by our office, we have all the info you need (and so do the student counselors at your university).

Accomodation in Brussels
But most of all: you’ll want to live in a nice, cosy, affordable, clean room with lots of other students who are here to study and discover the city, just like you. We have the perfect all-in-one solution for all these desires: the Van Orley International Student House. A beautiful beaux-arts building, with modern, practical rooms for short stay solutions.

You’ll meet other students from all around the world, you’ll be able to study in peace when you want to and chill when you need to. Click here if you want to read more about staying at Van Orley.
If you want to stay for a whole year, check out our room database of Br(ik-approved landlords here for all good accommodation options in the city. And how come we’re so sure we only provide quality rooms? Because we know every landlord with a room on the website in person. So you can be sure it’s a safe and certain stay if you rent with them or us.

Let yourself get addicted to Europe. Come to Brussels and find an open and welcoming metropolis where a tight and friendly community of Erasmus and other exchange students receives you with open arms to live, study and discover the city together.

You will come for school, but you will stay for the quality of life.”

Source: http://brik.be/international-students/studying-brussels

Het christelijke geloof, een belofte van geluk en voorspoed?

19 Apr

La foi chrétienne, promesse de bonheur et de prospérité?

Zo luid de titel van de conferentie die Daniel Bourdanné komt geven op 26 april hier in Brussel. Van 19u30 – 21u30 komt hij spreken in het auditorium Central C op de campus van UCL-Woluwé. Iedereen is uitgenodigd en ‘t is volledig gratis. We zijn bezig om de avond van vertaling te voorzien, dus laat dat je zeker niet tegenhouden 😉

Elke dag worden we overspoeld door slecht nieuws via de media. Ondanks alles, de dagelijkse onheil van ver of dichtbij, draaien sommigen zich naar het geloof toe als bron van troost, maar ook als bron van geluk en welvaart. Is dat de boodschap van het christelijk geloof? Wat is de hoop waar het christendom ons mee aanmoedigd om ons werkelijk aan vast te binden? Kan het geloof ons doen hopen? Geeft het geluk en welvaart?

Link naar de officiële uitnodiging 

Over de spreker

Daniel Bourdanné is geboren in Chad, is getrouwd met een Nigeriaanse vrouw en ze hebben 4 kinderen. Daniel heeft gestudeerd in zowel Chad,
Cameroon, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire en Frankrijk. Hij heeft een Doctoraat behaalt aan de Universiteit van Abidjan in ‘animal ecology’ en is gespecialiseerd in ‘miljoenpoten’.

Sinds een paar jaar is hij Secretaris Generaal van IFES – International Fellowhip of Evangelical Students – en dus ‘de grote baas’ over alle IFES bewegingen in zo’n 150 landen.

Zeker de moeite waard om eens te komen luisteren! 😉