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A handy guide to surviving exams

22 Nov


1Make big study tasks into small ones – if tasks seem too large it can be hard to get started. Chunk tasks into short periods and start with just five minutes.

2Set up a fortnight planner that allows the repetition of the same content at least three times before the actual exam. For the first two times, do the same content within 24 hours then again the following week.

3Reduce close-to-face screen time at night. Bright lights from phones, tablets and laptop screens used prior to sleep may disrupt it, and a good night’s rest is crucial.

4Turn-off the phone and Wi-fi. Research shows technology is affecting people’s brains in a way that could be addictive and unhelpful for the concentration needed to study.

5But don’t totally ignore technology – advances in technology can make a positive difference, from software to help make notes, to apps that can help with remembering content.

6Use typical distractions as rewards. Set a goal to do 30-50 minutes of study, then use those distracting things you like to do (eat/listen to music) as a reward.

Source: Fragment from “a handy guide to survivin exams; The New Zealand Herald”;