God will provide.

29 May

Yelena Bosovik

Have you ever received a text, letter or even a note scribbled on a napkin from someone you liked – like giddy almost-loved kind of like?

You know, like when that cute boy texted you and no matter how simple or unromantic the text is, to you it carries all the hidden mysteries of your relationship, so you treasure it by reading it over and over again. You tuck it away in your heart, occasionally taking it out and mulling it over – trying to figure out all the delicate intricacies, hidden innuendoes, and secret promises. The message slips into your mind through out the day and into your dreams at night.

Sometimes (and it should be all the time!) I get that feeling when God makes me a promises – sometimes it’s a Bible verse, other times it’s a song or a phrase – something that God lovingly whispered…

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