How I got accepted into 7 law schools & then had to choose just one…

24 Apr

Yelena Bosovik


You know that moment? When you stretch a rubber band to its max and you can just feel that if you stretch it for even a fraction more, it will snap in two? That’s the moment God loves to work in most. In our human terms, it’s the point where you rest your hands in defeat, acknowledging there is no way that you can humanely solve the problem any more.

After months of tension, God took me to that moment one Friday, not long ago. April 5 by 5:00 pm…that was the deadline by which I had to make $250 non-refundable deposit to the law school I plan to attend. If I didn’t, I would lose my seat in the incoming class as they began to pull applicant from their waiting lists.

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