25 Mar

faith goes to college

You know what I love? Free food. All the time, every time, free food is the bomb. Can I get an amen?

Lately though, I’ve been pretty poor. College is wiping out my funds. Because of this, people continually offer to buy me food when we’re out and about. Apparently, friends buy poor friends food. Except, I’m not a good gift receiver because I always reject their offers. It seems like the polite thing to do because I know they aren’t bringing in a lot of dough either.

I’m a great gift giver though. I love to give people gifts! Especially when they least expect it. And you know what I do when they deny or reject my gifts? I give it to them anyway because people love free things. Free food. Free books. Free movies. Free random item nobody in this world needs. But, it’s not about the gift…

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